Our Staff

Dom Forte, owner and operations officer, known for:

• his ability to solve problems
• his expertise second to none in boat systems, function, construction and operation intent
• years of experience in engines, boating and skiing
• member and sponsor of Tampa Bay’s Water Ski Show Team
• enjoying the heck out of watersports – wakeboarding, bare-footing, slaloming, trios in shows and most of all surfing behind our Tiges
Beth Heim, Office Manager, known for:

• her efficiency and customer care
• keeping the shop functioning smoothly
• customer focus and integrity
• being sweet
Tony Forte, Sales Manager, known for:

• his ability to make customers feel comfortable and gain the knowledge they need about the boat
• being honest and easy to work with
• his love of our boats and the sports he practices – bare-footing, ramp jumping in ski shows, and his personal favorite –surfing behind the Tiges
• loving the work he does and the boat he sells
Clide Forte, co-owner and supporter behind the scenes, known for:

• keeping the back office functional
• supporting others to do their efficiently
• sponsor of Tampa Bay’s Water Ski Show Team
• Loving the Lord in all she does

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